Midwives Advantage

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The Advantage

Midwives need every advantage when navigating the complex world of insurance claims. Midwives love the benefits they get when they join our company! We are the back office that manages administrative duties which frees the healthcare provider's time to provide care and attention to your patients. 

We provide straightforward, affordable solutions that streamline workflow and increase the overall efficiency and bring positive results to midwives everywhere. Our office employs certified coders, medical compliance officers and practice management professionals. All staff are required to add to their knowledge by attending courses in HIPAA requirements, ethics and practice management.  

Heather Menkis Gleason, a midwife insurance biller, has published false information about our company. We have tried to contact Ms. Menkis-Gleason in order to provide her with information and resolve her misunderstandings. The contact information she provided us was not accurate and our letters to her were returned to us as undeliverable. This left us with the impression that Ms. Menkis-Gleason was not looking for the truth; instead, it appears to us that she was disseminating false information to obtain new contracts for her billing business. If you have questions or concerns about our company, please email us at [email protected]

The address Heather provided.

Address not deliverable: unable to forward.

Heather Menkis-Gleason took money and didn't provide product according to this mom's SCAMMER alert on FB.

Heather Menkis-Gleason took money, didn't provide service, blocked calls.