Midwives Advantage


My name is Stacy Lewis, and I am the owner of Midwives Advantage. My birth journey started in 1983 when my first child was born in a small community hospital in Lubbock, Texas. My husband and I didn't have insurance at the time, so we paid $600 for the doctor's services and $600 for the hospital. After having to ask a total stranger if I could hold my daughter, I knew that I would never again plan to give birth in a hospital. I gave birth eight more times at home with midwives in 1986, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2002. During those years, my husband was a Federal employee, and we had comprehensive health insurance through his work.

If I had given birth in a hospital, my insurance would have paid all but $200. It paid zero for home births. We paid for our insurance every month and we paid thousands of dollars to our midwives. I finally realized that I only had maternity insurance if I delivered in the hospital. 

When I became a licensed midwife, I witnessed the same frustration of claim denials with my home birth clients. Midwives are healthcare professionals that offer the same or better care as other licensed providers, and parents with insurance coverage should not have to pay for all of their care out-of-pocket.

The Mother's and Newborn Protection Act and Affordable Care Act requires payers to recognize and pay for the services of any healthcare provider acting within the scope of their practice. This policy includes midwives as there are no exclusions or exceptions. The same law cleverly states, "hospital birth is not mandated." 

After struggling for years to get claims paid, I finally had a significant breakthrough in 2010. I met several key people with extensive knowledge and connections in insurance and law. These partnerships gave me the ability to advance to a new level of success in getting claims paid by insurance companies. Since I am a midwife, I understand the intricacies of our industry that other billing companies cannot comprehend. Midwives Advantage opened in 2011 to extend my success to midwives and their clients across the country. 

All you need is an Advantage! Midwives Advantage gets insurance claims paid quickly. In our business model, payers, providers, and patients all win!